Organic Specialty Citrus
Organic Specialty Citrus Research Project

Sunburst Oranges is converting a select portion of its existing groves to three ‘Organic Specialty Citrus’ fruits.


We will be documenting all phases of this project, from removing trees and planting new ones, how to re-bud existing citrus trees, and the ins and outs of organic cultivation practices and techniques. Our goal is to analyze the value added to these three already unique varieties:

The Lemonade Lemon hybrid or new Zealand Lemonade

  • Sweet lemonade straight from the lemon

  • Very pleasant taste

  • Easy peeler or easy peeling (your choice)

  • December through Janiuary but as late as March


The Santa Barbara Tangelo

  • Thin skinned

  • Very, very few seeds

  • Extremely high brix (sweet)

  • Easy peeler

  • Excellent sweet flavor


The US Seedless Surprise

  • Surprise! No seeds (or very few)

  • Early maturing October through December

  • A tangelo and grapefruit hybrid

  • Smooth yellow fruit

  • Easy peeler

  • High brix (excellent sweet flavor)


SOURCE: University of California Riverside

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Citrus Variety Collection

"Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man"

—George Washington

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