Make A Difference!

Our life's journey has brought us to where we are, has made us what we are, and will be recognized for it's individual importance as it impacts others in positive ways.

At Sunburst, we want to help as many individuals and helpless animals as possible through the organizations and affiliations our interests have lead us to on this journey.

Please take a moment to visit Hedgy the Hedgehog and his friends at Hedgy's Good Deeds new Facebook page. Their mission of 'doing good where it really counts'  is a concept destined for greatness. Watch what can happen!


Kent Robson (of Hedgy fame) and his wife Karen, founders of 4Families, have a mission to 'come alongside and equip, empower, engage, and encourage parents and their youth who are facing difficult challenges.' 4Families began after seeing many families were at their wit's end as they grappled with the challenges of a child making wrong choices.

Sunburst Oranges was honored this year with the very first 'Liver Lover Award' presented by the Amercian Liver Foundation (ALF) for our sincerest interest in helping to get their message out to the masses using the miracle of social media. And, whenever possible, attending the ALF Liver Life Walk events with Plucky and his Pals sharing joy and wonderful Plucky Brand oranges with everyone.


Sunburst Oranges is proud to be affiliated with the American Liver Foundation's Liver Life Walks in cities across the nation each year.


Then of course there's Morgan d' Organ (of ALF fame) working full-time to help inform and educate where liver education needs are greatest. His Facebook page, Orange is the New Liver, is Raising Awareness, Raising Funds, and Raising Spirits!

Last but not least, we cannot forget the helpless, precious animals. Louie's Loves Facebook page is devoted to them. Janina Reed, it's founder, won't rest until she helps as many suffering and displaced pets as hours in the day will allow. Please take a moment to read about her successes.